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tattoo machineRay Reasonertattoo machine


  • Out For Blood Out For Blood Custom color shark tattoo.
  • Kickin in the Ocean Kickin in the Ocean Custom color seahorse tattoo.
  • Troutin About 01 Troutin About 01 Custom color trout tattoo.
  • Troutin About 02 Troutin About 02 Custom color trout tattoo.
  • Troutin About 03 Troutin About 03 Custom color trout tattoo.
  • Troutin About 04 Troutin About 04 Custom color trout tattoo.
  • Pulsar Jellyfish Pulsar Jellyfish Custom color jellyfish tattoo.
  • Down With the Ship Down With the Ship Custom color Kraken tattoo.
  • Missing the Tropics Missing the Tropics Custom color sea turtle lower back tattoo.
  • Steelhead Swimming Steelhead Swimming Custom color fish tattoo.
  • Deepwater Deepwater Custom color seahorse tattoo.
  • Against the Current Against the Current Custom color sea turtle tattoo.
  • Head for the Mountains Head for the Mountains Custom color walleye tattoo.
  • Guardian Guardian Octopus guarding treasure tattoo.
  • Michigan Beach Michigan Beach Sunset at Lake Michigan tattoo.
  • Paisley Jelly Paisley Jelly Jellyfish with flourish tattoo.
  • Sea Turtle Swirl Sea Turtle Swirl Sea turtle with hibiscus flowers and waves tattoo.
  • Ridgid Ridgid Sea horse aquatic tattoo.

Aquatic tattoos by Ray Reasoner Jr.

Aquatic-There is something both calming and terrifying about the seas and oceans of our planet. Our lakes and streams are typically places of joy and solace. Serene scenes of fish and other aquatic entities can remind us of that fact. Tattoos of giant squid and ships being destroyed, however, are flashbacks to our own mortality and the respect that we must pay to nature.

Excerpt from Terms Section of the site.

Portfolios from the rest of the crew.

Eric Kylienne