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tattoo machineRay Reasonertattoo machine



  • Aeonic Contemplation Aeonic Contemplation oil on canvas
  • Tooled Belt Tooled Belt Tooled leather back belt
  • Logo for Cancun Connection Logo for Cancun Connection Logo for cancun bar and grill
  • R. Davis Cover R. Davis Cover Cover for Ryan Davis album
  • Dark Duality Dark Duality oil on canvas
  • Dead Bio-viking Dead Bio-viking oil on canvas
  • Evil Eye Evil Eye oil on canvas
  • Free Thought Free Thought oil on canvas
  • GrenBac LokSat GrenBac LokSat oil on canvas
  • Human Condition Human Condition oil on canvas
  • The Shadow and the Phoenix The Shadow and the Phoenix ink on parchment, story by Mark Smith
  • Left Behind Left Behind oil on canvas
  • Brutal Demise Logo Brutal Demise Logo now defunct band logo
  • Origins of Madness Origins of Madness oil on canvas
  • The Light and the Dark The Light and the Dark oil on canvas
  • collaborative work collaborative work Left half Ray Reasoner, oil on canvas Right half Thom Macy, mixed media
  • &quot;Demo&quot;lition "Demo"lition brutal demise cover
  • Zombie Apocolypse Zombie Apocolypse tooled leather in pallet built frame and hand wrapped barbed wire
  • Earth Mother Ocean Earth Mother Ocean Oil on Canvas
  • Friendly Friendly Painted cow skulls, scythes, and an electric chair.
  • Painted 03 Painted 03 Painted bull skull.
  • Painted 01 Painted 01 Painted bull skull with painted gas mask.
  • Painted 02 Painted 02 Painted bull skull.
  • Dark Mother Dark Mother Oil on canvas.
  • Mermaid Sorceress. Mermaid Sorceress. Mixed Media. Prismacolor, Graphite, and Archival Ink. 2014
  • Caterpetter Caterpetter Oil painting on canvas of a fairy petting a caterpillar.
  • Vaporized! Vaporized! Oil painting on canvas of demon skull breaking chains.
  • the Sliter's the Sliter's Wood burning for my brother's house.
  • Sugar Sugar Purchased foam skull decorated in Dia del los Muertos style for Ray's mother and grandmothers.

Artwork by Ray Reasoner Jr.

Portfolios from the rest of the crew.

Eric Kylienne