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tattoo machineRay Reasonertattoo machine


  • The Graduate The Graduate Color custom flowers with anchor and filigree tattoo.
  • Becky's Brenna II Becky's Brenna II Color custom flowers with carved stone tattoo.
  • Kanji with Blossoms Kanji with Blossoms Color custom flowers with filigree freehand tattoo.
  • A Gift A Gift Color custom flower boquet freehand tattoo.
  • For the Kids For the Kids Color custom flowers freehand tattoo of birth flowers.
  • Beauty through Stone Beauty through Stone Color custom flowers with stone tribal tattoo.
  • Formation Formation Color custom flowers tattoo.
  • Foot Swirl Foot Swirl Color custom flowers foot tattoo.
  • Singing in the Flowers Singing in the Flowers Color custom flowers with hummingbird tattoo.
  • Kicker Kicker Footprint with filigree tattoo.
  • Chasing the Lily Chasing the Lily Color custom flower and butterflies tattoo.
  • Lillies and Scrollwork Lillies and Scrollwork Lillies with filigree from reference color tattoo.
  • Matching Set Matching Set Color custom matching flowers tattoo.
  • Mom Mom Color custom flower with filigree and lettering tattoo.
  • Mum Mum Color custom chrysanthemum flower tattoo.
  • Rosenpearls Rosenpearls Color custom rose with pearl necklace tattoo.
  • Lily Names Lily Names Color custom flower with names tattoo.
  • Ivy Shoulder Ivy Shoulder Color custom flowers freehand ivy tattoo.
  • Hibiscus Repair Hibiscus Repair flower tattoo
  • Hibiscus Repair Hibiscus Repair flower tattoo
  • Lilac and Monarch Lilac and Monarch Custom color flower tattoo.
  • Big Bloomer Big Bloomer Realistic rose tattoo.
  • Rosenhand Rosenhand Rose with smoke tattoo.
  • Sleeping Scissors Sleeping Scissors Scissors on a bed of flowers tattoo.
  • Sunflower Thigh Sunflower Thigh Sunflower cover up tattoo.
  • Lily Swirls Lily Swirls Cover Up Tattoo
  • French Roses French Roses Fleur de Lis tattoo.
  • A touch of Alice A touch of Alice Alice in Wonderland tattoo.
  • Rosenshoe Rosenshoe Horseshoe with roses tattoo.
  • Watercolor Daisy Watercolor Daisy Watercolor Gerbera Daisy tattoo.
  • Rosensmoke Rosensmoke Roses with smoke tattoo.
  • Better Better Reworked rose tattoo.
  • The Pretty Things The Pretty Things Watercolor lotus tattoo with beads and feathers.
  • Vine and Lily Vine and Lily Stargazer lily with a vine calf tattoo.
  • Directional Growth Directional Growth Compass surrounded by flowers tattoo.

Foliage tattoos by Ray Reasoner Jr.

Flowers: Though an obvious topic there is a miriad of topics as well as ways to utilize them in a tattoo. There are many different ways to make foliage fit any part of the body. Common flowers of choice are:


Cherry Blossom: The cherry blossom represents living life to the fullest. It is one of the few flowers that falls before wilting. (see Asian)

Chrysanthemum: Symbolizes autumn in some European cultures, and henceforth death or dying . (See Asian)

Daisy: This flower is associated with wanting love. "He loves me, He loves me not."

Hibiscus: A beautiful tropical plant.

Iris: The three upright petals symbolize faith, valor, and wisdom. The fleur de lis is a stylized form of the iris.

Lilies: These are beautiful flowers that come in many color variations. There are also water lilies, which are more similar to the lotus in shape and the environment where they grow.

Lotus: These are flowers that grow from the mud and the muck to bring beauty to the swamp. In Hinduism it represents purity. To me it represents rising above your situations and surroundings to bring beauty into the world.

Orchid: Represents spring, and therefore healing and rebirth to some degree. This member of the Four Gentlemen symbolizes nobility and honor since they release their beauty regardless of who is nearby. This mirrors someone that creates beauty or keeps their morals regardless of the situation.

Peony: The peony is symbolic of wealth. This wealth is not necessarily a material wealth as much as an overall prosperity for a unified group working toward a common wealth of happiness.

Plumeria: In Hawaii the plumeria symbolizes spring, rebirth, and life.

Roses: Roses have quite a bit of symbolism associated with them, depending on their color.


Black: Tragic romance or death

Red: Love

Red and Yellow: Joviality

White: Humility, Reverence, Purity, Innocence.

Yellow: Friendship

Pink: Admiration

Orange: Enthusiasm

Purple: Love at first sight


Sunflower: Loyalty and constancy

Excerpt from Terms Section of the site.

Portfolios from the rest of the crew.

Eric Kylienne