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tattoo machineRay Reasonertattoo machine


  • Reaching for the Nuts Reaching for the Nuts Color funny tattoo of Scrat.
  • Are You Threatening Me? Are You Threatening Me? Beavis tattoo.
  • BEEEEER! BEEEEER! Bomb hops tattoo.
  • More Beeeeer, kind of More Beeeeer, kind of Care Bear and beer tattoo.
  • Even More Beer Even More Beer Chick mowing the happy trail and drinking a beer tattoo.
  • Cock Below the Knees Cock Below the Knees Rooster hanging by noose.
  • Directions Directions Funny suicide directions tattoo.
  • Dough Boy Dough Boy Pillsbury money maker tattoo.
  • Grim Adventures Grim Adventures Billy and Mandy tattoo.
  • Got the Nut Got the Nut Squirrel on the thigh tattoo.
  • Geek Life Geek Life Nerd tattoo with light saber.
  • Gun Girl Gun Girl Cartoony girl with a gun tattoo.
  • Kid Drawing Kid Drawing Tattoo that looks like marker.
  • Linux Penguin Linux Penguin Linux tattoo.
  • QR Simontek QR Simontek QR code tattoo.
  • The Villain The Villain Moustache tattoo.
  • Little Nemo Little Nemo Cartoon tattoo.
  • Doggy Style Doggy Style Scrappy getting laid in the junkyard tattoo.
  • Split Wrist Split Wrist Suicidal tattoo.
  • Happy Little Fella Happy Little Fella Smiley tattoo
  • Backstabbed Backstabbed Knife in the back tattoo.
  • Best Bitches Best Bitches Split heart friend tattoo.
  • Death Before Decaf Death Before Decaf Grim Reaper coffee tattoo.

Funny tattoos by Ray Reasoner Jr.

Funny Tattoos: Sometimes a wise ass just needs to make sure that you have no doubt. Topics are as varied as the personalities of the people that get them. Most would not dare to put something funny on their body but if it's who you are....

Excerpt from Terms Section of the site.

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