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tattoo machineRay Reasonertattoo machine


  • Peacock  Heart Peacock Heart Heart with peacock feathers custom tattoo.
  • The Couple The Couple Hearts custom tattoo.
  • Free Spirit Free Spirit Heart with wings custom tattoo.
  • Munchkins Munchkins Heart with flowers and filigree custom tattoo.
  • Hope Heart Hope Heart Hearst with filigree custom tattoo.
  • Mom Heart Mom Heart Heart with fire and ribbon custom tattoo.
  • Momma Heart Momma Heart Heart with ribbon custom tattoo.
  • Rylie Wings Rylie Wings Heart with wings and ribbon custom tattoo.
  • Heartentag Heartentag Heart with dog tags and ribbons custom tattoo.
  • Realtree Browning Heart Realtree Browning Heart Hunting Tattoo.
  • Heartlock Enkey Heartlock Enkey Decorative lock and key tattoo.

Heart tattoos by Ray Reasoner Jr.

Heart: Now people get heart tattoos for many reasons. Hearts usually represent love but there are different kinds of love and different feelings about it so there are obviously going to be a lot of ways to show that. Some ways are:

Anatomical Heart- Represents a more clinical or realistic view of love.

Bleeding Heart- This one can take on different meanings depending on usage. It can represent a fresh or constant wound, a hatred of love, or loyalty ie. the willingness to bleed for something.

Brick Heart- A strong heart that takes work to get into.

Broken Heart- Lost love or hurt feelings over the loss of someone, be it romanticly or from death.

Bubble Hearts- These are the fun happy hearts with a little reflection and overall good vibe to them. These generally represent the light feelings of love.

Lock Heart- Must be unlocked, only a special someone has the key.

Shattered Heart- A great loss that has destroyed someone's ability to love.

Squeezed Heart- Can represent a suffocating love, or the wish to destroy it.

Steel Heart- An impenetrable heart cut off from loving or the ability to be used under the guise of love.


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