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tattoo machineRay Reasonertattoo machine


  • In Memory of Big Russ In Memory of Big Russ Teddy bear with bar and shield tattoo.
  • Shelby Lynne Shelby Lynne Lettering tattoo.
  • No H8 No H8 No H8 camera with gay heart lense tattoo.
  • Daisy family Daisy family Daisy with lettering tattoo.
  • Gage Gage Forearm lettering tattoo.
  • Made in Mexico Made in Mexico Lettering tattoo.
  • Slimy Sam Slimy Sam Ship tattoo with lettering.
  • Inspiration Inspiration Lettering tattoo.
  • Grafitti Forearms Grafitti Forearms Grafitti lettring tattoo.
  • Time's Money Time's Money Lettering tattoo.
  • Linked Letters Linked Letters Lettering tattoo.
  • Boogey Man Boogey Man Lettering tattoo with creepy face.
  • Jack and Sally Jack and Sally Lettering tattoo.
  • Oilfield Trash Oilfield Trash Oil stand with lettering tattoo.
  • Peyton Peyton Flowers with letters tattoo.
  • Ramos Ramos Grafitti lettering tattoo.
  • I've Loved and I've Lost I've Loved and I've Lost Dagger with blood, flowers, and lettering tattoo.
  • Gothic Gothic Letters with filigree tattoo.
  • Snowflakes Snowflakes Snowflakes with roman numerals tattoo.
  • Words for Life Words for Life Star with lettering tattoo.
  • Stone Star Inlay Stone Star Inlay Tattoo of carved stone star with words in it.
  • Black Rose  Message Black Rose Message Roses and ribbons tattoo.
  • Out of the Dark Out of the Dark Custom baby coming into the light tattoo.
  • Relationship Relationship "Be the one to guide me, but never hold me down" tattoo.
  • Regret Nothing Ambigram Regret Nothing Ambigram Cutout "Regret Nothing" ambigram tattoo.
  • Psycho Letters Psycho Letters Custom newspaper cutout letters tattoo.
  • Family is More Than Blood Family is More Than Blood Lettering filigree and blood tattoo.
  • Windy Birdenflower Windy Birdenflower Bird silhouettes from dandelion with lettering and wind tattoo.
  • Cheshired Words Cheshired Words Cheshire cat tattoo.
  • Believe Believe Stars and clouds lettering tattoo. Lettering change, no before pic.
  • For His Daughter For His Daughter Flowers and lettering tattoo.
  • Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend Hustler tattoo.

Lettering tattoos by Ray Reasoner Jr.

Lettering: Now lettering has been quite popular in tattooing for many years now. Sometimes people don't really want to take the time to represent an idea symbolically or it is a topic where the word or name says more without a picture. You can always do something in a font that has a feel to it like the meaning that you are trying to portray with the word. Lettering doesn't have to be plain and boring. Filigree or other decorative flourish can be added to make it more interesting. Letters can be made to look bloody or as if they are carved into the skin. They can be given shadows to lift them up or chiseled into stone. There are really a lot of interesting things that can be done to make a lettering tattoo have some pop, unless you're a minimalist, and then good ol' fashion times roman or typewriter font may be right up your alley.

Excerpt from Terms Section of the site.

Portfolios from the rest of the crew.

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