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tattoo machineRay Reasonertattoo machine


  • Attentive Attentive Realistic Lion Tattoo.
  • Jungle Fever Jungle Fever Tiger in foliage tattoo.
  • Father's Love Father's Love Buck and fawn tattoo.
  • Big bull Big bull Bull and smoke tattoo.
  • Native Skull Native Skull bull skull with feathers.
  • Best Friend Best Friend Labrador tattoo.
  • Can't Shoot 'Em All Can't Shoot 'Em All Buck with arrow tattoo.
  • King of the Jungle King of the Jungle Lion face tattoo.
  • Buck Bust Buck Bust Deer tattoo.
  • Buddy Buddy Dog tattoo.
  • Climbing on Up Climbing on Up Panther tattoo.
  • Left Hunts Right I Left Hunts Right I Hunting tattoo.
  • Left Hunts Right II Left Hunts Right II Hunting tattoo.
  • Left Hunts Right III Left Hunts Right III Hunting tattoo.
  • Tiger Kanji Tiger Kanji Kanji with tiger inlay tattoo.
  • The Market of Life The Market of Life Bear and Bull stock market tattoo.
  • Sleek Sleek Panther Tattoo
  • Grizzly Tearout Grizzly Tearout Custom Grizzly bear torn skin tattoo.
  • Intent Gaze Intent Gaze Realistic gorilla cover up tattoo.
  • Eyes of the Tiger Eyes of the Tiger Realistic tiger tattoo.
  • Dinner! Dinner! Realistic lion tattoo.
  • Puppy Paw Puppy Paw Dog inlaid in paw print tattoo.
  • Breather Breather Relaxed Cheetah tattoo.
  • Little Pal Little Pal Indented paw print tattoo.
  • Clawed Clawed Bear paw with bear inlay tattoo.
  • The King The King Lion with cross on it's forehead tattoo.
  • Polywolf Polywolf Wolf blended with polynesian-esque tribal tattoo.
  • Simplify Simplify Minimalistic bear tattoo.
  • Out for Blood Out for Blood Ferocious bear tattoo.
  • Kinda Silly Kinda Silly Cute giraffe tattoo.
  • The couple The couple Two wolves hand tattoos.
  • Watchful Watchful Cheetah staring intently tattoo.

Mammal tattoos by Ray Reasoner Jr.

Mammals: _______________________________________

So this is a pretty large area to focus on. Many people choose to get tattoos of our warm blooded cousins, as with any other tattoo received, for many different reasons. Common topics of choice are:

Awareness: Sometimes people get animals tattooed on them which are endangered in order to have something on them to remind them of the fight or in order to have a conversation piece.

Empowerment: Some people believe that by wearing a creature you gain some of it's speed, strength, or whatever the characteristic is that they wish to attain.

Pets: The loss or adoration of a loved pet or it's prints often helps to bring closure or show one's respect or love for the animal.

Respect: Sometimes an animal just blows your mind so much that you need a picture of it on you forever.

Spirit Animal: Association with a given beast and it's attributes are a common reason that someone would get a wolf, bear, or cougar, for examples, tattooed upon them. There are many different personalities and many different creatures that align with those egos.


Excerpt from Terms Section of the site.

Portfolios from the rest of the crew.

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