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tattoo machineRay Reasonertattoo machine


  • Airborne Soldier's grave Airborne Soldier's grave Airborne patch with soldier's grave tattoo.
  • Airborne Eagle Airborne Eagle 82nd Airborne patch and eagle tattoo.
  • All Gave Some, Some Gave All All Gave Some, Some Gave All American flag with soldier's grave tattoo.
  • USA Flag Silhouette USA Flag Silhouette US flag tattoo.
  • Death Before Dishonor Death Before Dishonor Eagle flag and ribbon tattoo.
  • EGA EGA Eagle, globe, and anchor semper fi tattoo.
  • American Eagle American Eagle Bald eagle and American flag tattoo.
  • CC Eagle CC Eagle Eagle tearout tattoo from Rand Johnson's Cherry Creek Flash.
  • Firefighter's Cross Firefighter's Cross Skull firefighter cross tattoo.
  • Medic Firefighter Medic Firefighter Combat medic turned firefighter tattoo.
  • Firehouse Firehouse Firefighter skull with crossed axes tattoo.
  • Stars and Stripes Eagle Stars and Stripes Eagle American flag eagle tattoo.
  • USMC Bulldog USMC Bulldog Bulldog, USMC, Kabar, and ribbon tattoo.
  • Cleansing the Earth of Evil Cleansing the Earth of Evil U.S. soldier angel killing middle eastern Insurgent dragon tattoo.
  • USMC Dragon USMC Dragon Dragon in water with EGA tattoo.
  • Rebel Flag Rebel Flag Rebel flag tattoo.
  • Weaver's Back Weaver's Back Soldier's grave, cemetery, national emblem tattoo.
  • Rib Rip Rib Rip Dog tags on ribs tattoo.
  • Sea Bees Sea Bees Sea Bee tattoo.
  • Flagengrave Flagengrave American flag with soldier's grave tattoo.
  • Dog Tags Dog Tags Dog tag tattoo.
  • POW MIA POW MIA POW MIA with soldiers and swamp tattoo.
  • Armed Forces Armed Forces Custom full sleeve military tattoo.
  • Patriotic Pauldron 01 Patriotic Pauldron 01 Eagle, flag, and Statue of Liberty tattoo.
  • Patriotic Pauldron 02 Patriotic Pauldron 02 Eagle, flag, and Statue of Liberty tattoo.
  • Patriotic Pauldron 03 Patriotic Pauldron 03 Eagle, flag, and Statue of Liberty tattoo.
  • Patriotic Pauldron 04 Patriotic Pauldron 04 Eagle, flag, and Statue of Liberty tattoo.
  • Death Dealers Death Dealers Mission coin tearout tattoo.
  • In the Skin In the Skin Eagle, globe, and anchor, dogtag tearout tattoo.
  • Remembering His Dad Remembering His Dad Patriotic memorial tattoo for US Army with cross, flag faced eagle and signature.
  • Screaming Freedom Screaming Freedom Eagle head with flag fire tattoo.
  • Freedom Isn't Free Freedom Isn't Free Slightly modified from the works of Rand Johnson.
  • Inherent Inherent 2nd Amendment tattoo.

Military tattoos by Ray Reasoner Jr.


Whatever the branch, whatever the rank, most of our soldiers serve with pride. Now some others will get tattoos in honor of those that have served as well. This must be done with respect and in a way that is obviously a memorial or dedication. Bottom line is that if you didn't serve don't get anything outside of a memorial or dedication tattoo, it's just plain disrespectful otherwise.

A soldier's grave is a good memorial piece for either comrades lost in battle or loved ones as well. Arlington Cemetery can drive the gravity of war home as well. The Vietnam Memorial Wall also brings it into a more personal place seeing all of the names rigidly etched into a stone wound. The Iwo Jima Marine Corps Memorial also represents the struggle to spread freedom and to stand for what you believe in.

There are many different jobs and positions within our military and we by no means can cover all of them in a reasonable amount of time or space. Many times soldiers will get their primary or longest MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) tattooed on them in some way or another (pin or lettering, etc.) If we do not include your specific sub branch please do not be offended.The main branches (along with some of the sub groups) of U.S. Military are as follows:


"Hap" Wings- Representation of V for victory in wing shape with a more stylized futuristic feel to represent the future and the technology involved in making the Air Force great.


Challenge Coins/Deployment Coins- These are usually given out to soldiers that do well during deployment.

Division Patches- Since the simple star most commonly associated with the Army doesn't have that much flare the majority of Army soldiers will get their division patch tattooed on them.

Coast Guard------------------------------------------------------

Emblem-Crossed anchors with a circle similar to a life preserver.

Marine Corps.----------------------------------------------------

Devil Dog- or Teufel Hunden, the nickname for a Marine. It is said to go back to World War I and actually translates closer to hell hound, but who's really counting?

EGA- The eagle, globe, and anchor of the Marine Corps.

National Guard--------------------------------------------------

The National Guard in recent years has become more than an "at home" force yet their logo represents a time when the Militia was the backbone of the US Army, there is also an Air National Guard.


The Navy uses an eagle, shield, and one or two anchors in it's emblem.

USN- It is more common that Navy soldiers will get an anchor with USN incorporated somehow.


The reserves can essentially use whatever emblems that are associated with their branch. In general people do not get too crazy about this since they are still part of the branch and do often deploy these days.


Excerpt from Terms Section of the site.

Portfolios from the rest of the crew.

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