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tattoo machineRay Reasonertattoo machine


  • Contemplative Marley Contemplative Marley Bob Marley tattoo.
  • Laughing Marley Laughing Marley Bob Marley one love tattoo.
  • Music and Beauty Music and Beauty Gramaphone, blossoms, and music sheets tattoo.
  • The Devil The Devil Devil Driver tattoo.
  • Dimebag Memorial Dimebag Memorial Dimebag Darrell tattoo.
  • Black Ice Black Ice AC-DC tattoo.
  • Gods of Metal Gods of Metal Dimebag, Zakk Wylde, and Kerry King tattoo. Skull and guitars were reworked.
  • Music for Cancer Music for Cancer Rock for cancer guitar tattoo.
  • God in Control God in Control Tattoo based off from album cover.
  • Plucking in the Afterlife Plucking in the Afterlife Grateful Dead tattoo.
  • Flying Guitar Flying Guitar Winged guitar tattoo.
  • Winged Symbol Winged Symbol Evanescence tattoo.
  • No Love, No Hope No Love, No Hope Jane Doe tattoo.
  • Misfit Chaos Misfit Chaos Misfits logo with smoke and faces tattoo.
  • A Little Dave A Little Dave Dave Matthews logo tattoo.
  • Rose and Sparrow Rose and Sparrow Let it Be tattoo.
  • Beatles Lounger Beatles Lounger Beatles tattoo.
  • Laughing Bob Laughing Bob Full color Bob Marley portrait tattoo.
  • The Notes The Notes Reworked microphone tattoo.
  • Show's over Show's over Cowboy hat on mic stand with the ace of spades tattoo.
  • One Love One Love Marley lyric tattoo.
  • Ozman Sig Ozman Sig Ozzy Osbourne signature tattoo.
  • The Apple The Apple Beatles apple tattoo.
  • Buck Cherry I Buck Cherry I Buck Cherry tattoo.
  • Stranger in a Strange Land Stranger in a Strange Land Iron Maiden tattoo.
  • Zep Wiz Zep Wiz Led Zeppelin wizard tattoo.
  • Jammin Jammin Realistic guitar tattoo.
  • Misfits Misfits Woman and skull through brandy glass tattoo.
  • Pink Floyd Pink Floyd The wall tattoo.
  • Treble Splash Treble Splash Treble clef and music notes splash tattoo.
  • Tool Tool A blend of multiple pieces of the band Tool's artwork.
  • Da Lion Man Da Lion Man Bob Marley lion savannah tattoo.

Music tattoos by Ray Reasoner Jr.


Now most of us like or even love music of one type or another. It is rare to find someone that doesn't like music. Some people love music soooo much that they get a staff and/or notes tattooed on them. These can be done in many different styles with many different feels. Objects that they like can be incorporated. Sometimes it is just kept simple with a treble or bass clef.

Some get their favorite instrument or something relating to their favorite style of music put on them. Many musicians will get the instrument that they have always wanted or that they play the most tattooed as well.

Excerpt from Terms Section of the site.

Portfolios from the rest of the crew.

Eric Kylienne