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tattoo machineRay Reasonertattoo machine


  • Dad's True Face Dad's True Face Portrait Repair Tattoo
  • Ballgirl Ballgirl Baseball pinup tattoo repair.
  • Heather Heather Nude woman tattoo repair
  • D Work D Work Detroit tigers tattoo repair.
  • Reborn Freedom Reborn Freedom Bald Eagle and American flag tattoo repair.
  • Oldschool made anew. Oldschool made anew. Eagle and flag tattoo repair.
  • Dark Waters Dark Waters Ship tattoo repair with gun, coins, and pirate skull add on.
  • Scorpion Destroyer Scorpion Destroyer Scorpion tattoo repair.
  • Holier Than Before Holier Than Before Praying hands tattoo repair with cross and angel add on.
  • Centaur Update Centaur Update Centaur tattoo repair with waterfall add on.
  • Fireman's Friend Fireman's Friend Dragon with Maltese cross tattoo repair.
  • Done Right Done Right Lillies tattoo repair.
  • A Touch More Viscious A Touch More Viscious Fire tattoo repair and skul add on.
  • Back to Life Back to Life Portrait tattoo repair.
  • More Color More Color Heart tattoo repair.
  • Riley Jo Riley Jo Wings with lettering tattoo repair.
  • Zeppelin Zeppelin Icarus falling tattoo repair.
  • Skully Fix Skully Fix Skull with water tattoo repair.
  • Goodbye to the Old Goodbye to the Old Skull tattoo repair and bio cover.
  • Dead Skull Dead Skull Skull and tribal tattoo repair.
  • Teddy's Better Teddy's Better Bear tattoo repair, cover, and add on.
  • Textured Textured Hibiscus tattoo repair.
  • Walleye Walleye Walleye tattoo repair.
  • Return to Darkness Return to Darkness Darkside Tattoo
  • Blown out Butterfly Blown out Butterfly Autism Butterfly Repair Tattoo
  • Mary's plastic surgery Mary's plastic surgery Mother Mary tattoo repair.
  • Sam's Regeneration Sam's Regeneration Patriotic repair tattoo.
  • Changing Chuckie Changing Chuckie Child's Play tattoo repair.
  • I Have Such Wonders to Show You I Have Such Wonders to Show You Pinhead repair tattoo.
  • Hacker Hacker Jason Voorhees repair tattoo.
  • In Your Dreams In Your Dreams Freddy Kreuger repair tattoo.
  • 3 Times 3 Times Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice repair tattoo.
  • Don't Even Talk About It Don't Even Talk About It Fight Club repair tattoo.
  • Damaged Cross Damaged Cross Repair of old cross tattoo.

Repair tattoos by Ray Reasoner Jr.


The repair of an already existing tattoo. Tattoos naturally fade over time due to how the process works. Anyone telling you that a tattoo will look as good in twenty years as the day that you got it is a liar. Sometimes the original tattoo is an idea that was poorly executed and needs to be repaired as in the lines cleaned up and the color done properly. There are many reasons that a tattoo could use repair work.

Excerpt from Terms Section of the site.

Portfolios from the rest of the crew.

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