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tattoo machineRay Reasonertattoo machine


  • Pull the Pin, I Dare You Pull the Pin, I Dare You Skull grenade tattoo.
  • Spike Hawk Skully Spike Hawk Skully Skull with a spiked mohawk.
  • Triple Death Triple Death Three skulls tattoo.
  • The Debt that All Men Pay The Debt that All Men Pay Revolvers and skull tattoo.
  • Halfbreed Halfbreed Skulls and lettering tattoo.
  • Wheels Wheels Skull with tophat and revolvers.
  • Killer from Fire Killer from Fire Roman Skull from flames tattoo.
  • Workin' on Death Workin' on Death Beat to hell with a spike in the head tattoo.
  • Anatomy of an Escher Anatomy of an Escher Escher based skeleton and anatomy tattoo.
  • Mobster Skully Mobster Skully Skeleton mobster tattoo.
  • Deadly Shapework Deadly Shapework Skulls with negative space tribal tattoo.
  • 13 Skullenbones 13 Skullenbones Skull and crossbones with spider web hand tattoo.
  • Skull on Skull Skull on Skull Skull head tattoo.
  • Watchers Watchers Asian dragon wrapping around skull tattoo.
  • Inner Death Inner Death Skull torn skin tattoo.
  • We've Awakened the Dead... We've Awakened the Dead... Zombie blood tattoo.
  • Topped Off Topped Off Skullenbones with top-hat memorial tattoo.
  • Slightly Grateful Skull Slightly Grateful Skull Tattoo of a skull with roses.
  • Tortured Tortured Reworked beat up face, no before picture.
  • Not so Luck 7 Not so Luck 7 Tornskin 7 and skull in fire tattoo.
  • Burning Lavaskull Burning Lavaskull Skull tattoo.
  • Time Heals All Wounds Time Heals All Wounds Custom clock, woman's face, and skull tattoo.
  • Death kills Time Death kills Time Skull breaking through clock face tattoo.
  • Tick Tock Tick Tock Grandfather clock skull tattoo.
  • A Little Party in Mexico A Little Party in Mexico Day of the Dead skull on the beach tattoo.
  • Third Eye of Sight Third Eye of Sight Three eyed Day of the Dead skull tattoo.
  • More Party More Party Two Dia de Los Muertos skulls on the beach. Cover-up tattoo without before pic.
  • Smokey Smokey Greyscale skull with smoke tattoo.
  • Dead Royalty Dead Royalty Couples tattoo of skulls and roses with crowns.
  • Friendly Friendly Skull with reflective eyes.

Skull tattoos by Ray Reasoner Jr.

Eric Kylienne