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tattoo machineRay Reasonertattoo machine


  • Bevtrib 01 Bevtrib 01 Bevelled tribal tattoo.
  • Bevtrib 02 Bevtrib 02 Bevelled tribal tattoo.
  • Bevtrib 03 Bevtrib 03 Bevelled tribal tattoo.
  • Tribafly 01 Tribafly 01 Tribal butterfly tattoo.
  • Tribafly 02 Tribafly 02 Tribal butterfly tattoo.
  • Tribafly 03 Tribafly 03 Tribal butterfly tattoo.
  • Bevtrib 04 Bevtrib 04 Bevelled tribal tattoo.
  • Bevtrib 05 Bevtrib 05 Bevelled tribal tattoo.
  • Bevtrib Spider Bevtrib Spider Bevelled tribal spider tattoo.
  • Homage to Polynesia Homage to Polynesia Polynesian style tribal tattoo.
  • Tribblack Tribblack Tribal tattoo.
  • Point Sun Point Sun Tribal sun tattoo.
  • Stone Tribal Dragon Stone Tribal Dragon Beveled dragon tattoo.
  • Before and After Before and After Tribal dragon tattoo repair.
  • Kokopelli Dance Kokopelli Dance Tribal Sun, lizard, and kokopelli
  • Bear Shoulder Bear Shoulder Tribalized bear tattoo.
  • Polynesian Shoulder Polynesian Shoulder Polynesian tribal tattoo.
  • Hindu Blade Hindu Blade Mehndi style paisley tattoo.

Tribal tattoos by Ray Reasoner Jr.

Tribal Art----------------------------------------------------------

True tribal art tattoos derive from ancient civilizations such as the Maori, Samoan, the Iban of Borneo, many African tribes (more scarification than tattooing), some North and South American Indian tribes, and many others that I'm sure that I am forgetting. Many of these cultures are still alive today. These markings told tribes who belonged to which tribe (Much like the kilts of Ireland and Scotland identified clans.). Sometimes they were a sign of stature within a tribe as well. Tribal tattoos vary greatly in style and placement. They were almost always done in black since soot or lampblack were a common ingredient between the different tribes. You can find more information written by Ray Reasoner here. (also see Native American)


Excerpt from Terms Section of the site.

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