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Frequently Asked Tattoo and Piercing Questions

A.W.O.L. Custom Tattooing Frequently Asked Questions...and here are some Myths as well.

Any serious medical questions should be referred to a licensed physician, all information herein is based upon the experience or research of persons from within the body modification industry.

Now there are many many questions that get asked about tattoos and piercings so we are going to break them down into categories.

TattooFAQs below and here's the Piercing FAQ

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spacer What is the soonest that I can change my jewelry?

spacer Why do I have to be pierced with a hoop or long barbell?

spacerCan I use peroxide to clean my piercing?

spacer Do Piercings hurt?

spacer Do I have to have to get a dermal piercing cut out if I need it removed?


piercing FAQ

What is the soonest that I can change my jewelry? (back to top)

This varies by the piercing. A cartilage piercing must be allowed to heal for approximately two weeks prior to changing the jewelry. A nostril piercing should be allowed to heal for at least three days. Navel jewelry should not be changed until three to four weeks have passed. The eyebrow can be changed after about a week. These are all approximations and may vary depending on your own body's healing time. You can refer to our piercing aftercare section for more information on piercings.

Why do I have to be pierced with a hoop or long barbell? (back to top)

The reason for being pierced with a hoop or long barbell is to allow for swelling. If the jewelry does not allow for swelling there are possible complications with the jewelry becoming lodged in the flesh and/or prolonged healing times. This is especially true with the nostril piercing. We have seen instances where the piercing was done with a nostril screw rather than a hoop and the swollen skin wrapped and healed around the jewelry. There is only a few days wait to change this particular piercing out so the wait can be well worth it. We have also seen piercings where the head of a barbell has actually sunken down into the skin because the person that did it used too short of a piece of jewelry. It is basically better to just let our professionals do what they know is best when it comes to your piercing.

Can I use peroxide to clean my piercing? (back to top)

Short answer, no. The long answer being that while your piercing is healing your body is forming new layers of skin and the peroxide can irritate or remove those layers which will prolong healing time and will be likely to cause infection. The best bet is to read our aftercare instructions or check with a physician.

Do Piercings hurt? (back to top)

Piercings definitely have a pinch to them, but it is generally a quick sharp pain and then it is over unless you swell a lot. Once they are healed they almost all have no irritation unless repeatedly rubbed or snagged on something.

Do I have to get a dermal piercing cut out if I need it removed? (back to top)

Not in most instances. You can typically just come in and have one of the piercists remove it for you without any problems.