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body piercing

Services: Merch Tattoos

Body Piercing: We only pierce with implant grade (316L ASTM) surgical stainless steel or 6ALV-ELI ASTM F-136-02 (Grade 23) titanium. Our piercist is very skilled and will place your piercing in the proper spot for optimal healing and results. Dealing with an inexperienced or untrained piercer can lead to pointless piercings that migrate out or possibly damaging your tissues. It is worth a little more money to have it done right. You can look at Eric's portfolio here.

piercing booth

All piercings are done in a private room so discretion is not an issue. We want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Here is a preliminary list of piercings that are done at our shop. Just because a piercing is not shown does not mean that it is not available so please call for any additional information. There are some piercings that we don't do simply because they either won't last long or are unsafe for one reason or another.

Ear Piercings

ear piercings

Anti-Tragus--$25, Cartilage--$25, Conche---$25, Ear Lobe--$20 for one, $30 for both, Helix-- $25, Industrial---$40, Rook--$25, Snug---$25, Tragus---$25

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Facial / Oral Piercings

facial piercings

Eyebrow-$25, Labret----$25, Lip-----$25, Monroe----$25, Nostril---$25, Septum--$25, Snake/Angel Bites---$40, Tongue---$25

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Other Piercings

Dermal Anchors---$50, We recommend dermals over surface piercings and skin divers since they are less likely to migrate it they are taken care of properly. This makes this piercing last longer than it's counterparts.

Genitals---$25, Multiple piercings are available in this region, call for details.


Nipple----$25 for one, $40 for both

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$5 per Taper, per piercing

Services: Merch Tattoos